Mobile Emergency Locksmith in Pendomer, Somerset

Locked the keys in the car? Lost house keys? Locked out?

Locked yourself out? Recently suffered a break-in or attempted burglary? Dropped your car keys or had a bag stolen? Digital or key locks or safes not openning? Want a quick lock repair or replacement, perhaps in the night? Thank you for visiting Key-Cut Locksmiths Pendomer. We can aid with everything ranging from basic lock installing and emergency call-out door entry to the configuration of complete security systems.

You may be assured that when you require a locksmith in an unexpected emergency, we will endeavour to be at your home in an hour or so. Our emergency call-out locksmiths are ready 24/7, every day of the year all over Somerset.

Speedy as well as affordable locksmith service - Damageless access if feasible.

  • Safe Opening
  • Emergency entry
  • Break-in Repairs and securing a house following a robbery
  • Expert non-destructive entry
  • Usual reaction time of just one hour
  • Completely Insured

We provide locksmith services for Commercial and Residential

Locksmith services Pendomer
Locksmith services in Pendomer

Recent Locksmith Call-Outs in Pendomer

The car keys are locked in the automobile BA22:

Not too long ago I was speaking with a buddy down in Pendomer and he asked, "How regularly do you have calls in relation to keys locked in my car?" and I explained to him that it appears considerably more often than you think. A client from Pendomer called us to say, "I'm just really happy that you people are around seeing as I locked my keys in the automobile, and I had decided my only alternative to get my keys was throwing a stone through the window, which might have relieved a part of my frustration of locking the car keys in the vehicle. However your man was fast and competent and he saved me the costs of a brand-new windscreen."

Locked out of the property Pendomer:

A customer in Pendomer called us with a horror scenario as she had only just stepped outdoors to retrieve the mail and the front door shut after her. However, what makes this much worse was that she announced "Please help me! I don't have my door keys and my baby is in the house." As you can imagine we flew over there and fortuitously the road traffic was in our favour. We were able to turn up inside of 15 mins and had the door opened rather quickly. What we did discover afterwards is that she called her tiny dog "my baby".

Missing my house key Pendomer:

"I just had my little ones over for the weekend break We chose to head out on a picnic by the beach front. A wonderful day was had by each and every one and we headed off back and the minute we got to the front door I figured out I didn't have the house keys. I knew I lost my keys on the beachfront, with your amazing quick service you opened my residence in no time" was the communication right from our customer.

Locked out Pendomer:

"I lost my keys. I flipped my house upside down and I still am unable to find the keys. My spouse has gone on a commercial trip and I don't have a spare keys. Could you come and change the locks and produce replacement keys?" was the call from a customer in Pendomer. Later on she emailed us, "Thank you so much for having the locks exchanged so quickly and also creating a new selection of keys as spares. Losing my keys was really frustrating but your assistance was undoubtedly appreciated."