Mobile Emergency Locksmith in North Wick, Somerset

Locked the keys in the car? Lost house keys? Locked out?

When you would like to replace your front door lock, fit a new lock, or force entry to your car, we provide locksmiths in North Wick and Somerset. We supply and fit the best locks. Call us and we will help. Key-Cut Locksmiths provide 30 minutes call out for almost all car locksmith services in North Wick, no matter whether it is programming motor vehicle keys, cutting additional keys or replacing defective vehicle keys.

In case of misplaced keys, worn out locks, doors and windows or locks broken by attempted burglary, or perhaps your key or code not opening up your safe, our 'round the clock local area emergency call-out locksmith solution in Somerset ensures there’s invariably assistance the second you require it most.

We apply a transparent, truthful price approach so as to develop remarkable value to all of our customers.

  • Lock Opening
  • Missing keys
  • Break-in Repair and securing a site following a break-in
  • Expert damageless entry
  • Typical response time of 1 hour
  • At any hour, all year-round

We provide locksmith services for Commercial and Residential

New and repaired keys North Wick
New and repaired keys in North Wick

Recent Locksmith Call-Outs in North Wick

Misplaced vehicle keys BS41:

I was talking with a colleague in North Wick and he said, "How regularly do you get calls regarding keys locked in my automobile?" and I told him it appears way more often than you presume. Someone from North Wick telephoned us to tell us, "I'm very thankful that you guys are around seeing that I locked my car keys in our automobile, and I had decided that the only way I would access my keys was tossing a brick through the windshield, which could have eased part of the irritation of losing the car keys in the car. Thankfully your technician was prompt and competent and he saved my windscreen."

I locked our key inside North Wick:

"I was just walking out to grab an item from my car and our little one slammed the door behind him. I discovered in an instant that we had unluckily left the house keys in our house," a client from North Wick said to us. Yet again we had yet another completely satisfied customer because we were able to have someone to the house in a few minutes and in 5 minutes she was back at home with house keys in hand.

Cannot find our front door keys North Wick:

"I absolutely love going horse riding on the weekend and this previous holiday was the usual, except as soon as I returned to the front door of my property I noticed that I had misplaced the door key on the walk. I needed an emergency locksmith and it was great how you sorted it out so quickly" proclaimed a client from North Wick.

Locked out of the business office North Wick:

"At the office we have a dead-bolt locking mechanism along with a code lock (that we do not ever use), and one of our employees proceeded to use the code, not noticing that we did not know the number. For that reason when we arrived at work the following morning we were all locked out. I am grateful for your immediate call to action and for openning the office," was an email we got from a client in North Wick.