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Locked the keys in the car? Lost house keys? Locked out?

Looking for a neighbourhood emergency locksmith response you know you can easily put your trust in? Locked out of your property, office or vehicle? Don’t want to pay for expensive emergency call-outs? Because of our fantastic service at your disposal you are well covered. Key-Cut Locksmith - Delivering emergency locksmith solutions, lock repair, lock change, cracking door and window locks in Lansdown. We furnish and fit every kind of locks.

Regardless if you have misplaced your keys and desire instant access to your residence or shop in Lansdown, there's that infuriating key that is continually stuck, or maybe you are considering updating your safeguards - Key-Cut Locksmith can help out! We cover a ten mile radius all around Somerset and so you can be absolutely sure you won’t be stranded in the elements for very long whenever you phone us.

We follow a transparent, fair costing strategy in order to provide fantastic value to all our customers.

  • Lock Opening
  • Missing keys
  • Key Cutting
  • Rapid, Dependable Service
  • Regular response time of only 1 hour
  • Properly Insured for your security

We provide locksmith services for Commercial and Residential

Lost key replacement Lansdown
Lost key replacement in Lansdown

Recent Locksmith Call-Outs in Lansdown

I locked the car key in the automobile BA1:

"I don't know exactly how I lost my car keys in our car," stated the client who telephoned us from the mall. She said, "I went straight into the mall, not thinking of my keys right up until, of course, I returned to my car. And then panic mounted and my initial impulse was to empty out my bag on the floor searching for the car keys. As the saying goes, it's usually the last place you search, and there they were, right on the driver's seat. Happily I came across your company fairly quickly with an internet search for 'I locked my car keys in the car Lansdown'." We were very happy that we could assist and our guy went out there as fast as possible and in no time had the vehicle keys back in her possession.

Locked out of our home Lansdown:

"I typically make sure that I have my house keys in my purse before leaving the house, however I received a call from my sick grand mother and hurried out the door. And guess what? I left my keys" a client sobbed over the phone, plainly frustrated things not going that well. "We can easily help you" we promised her and sent an expert to the property at once and got the door open and the keys into her hands.

Locked out of the house Lansdown:

A customer in Lansdown had an interesting story to explain "The long weekend break came with perfect climatic conditions and off we travelled for our camping outdoors getaway, it was basically a wonderful quick break but sad to say we arrived home to find out we had mislaid the household keys. Subsequent to twenty minutes of searching the realization was we had lost those household keys. Many thanks to your personnel for the terrific assistance on a Sunday evening."

No spare business office keys Lansdown:

"We have only a single key for the building since the bosses thought it was more appropriate for safety and security. Now the individual who used the keys misplaced them while out," announced the client in Lansdown. We needed to go over there seeing that all the staff were waiting to enter. We managed to open the locks and then switched the locks, since with missing keys, you never know who might have them.