Mobile Emergency Locksmith in Kingweston, Somerset

Locked the keys in the car? Lost house keys? Locked out?

In the event that you are locked out of the home in the the night, locked out of your car stranded in the middle of nowhere, or even locked out of your commercial premises, we offer a swift, trusted service. Our emergency response team offers top quality repairs and key services for automobiles and houses, as well as opening safes, and preventive security alternatives to put your concerns at ease. Key-Cut Locksmith - Offering urgent locksmith service, lock fixing, lock change, opening window and entrance door locks in Kingweston. We supply and fit all sorts of locks.

Need keys cut? Been burgled? Don’t leave your vehicle or residence at risk - call us on 0800 145 5019 - 24 hours a day, every day of the year in Somerset. Our local area emergency call-out locksmith solution features a usual reaction time of just 60 minutes, and so you can be sure of your security without being forced to bend over backwards.

  • Safe Opening
  • Open a locked vehicle (vehicle locksmith)
  • Key Cutting
  • Swift, Dependable Service
  • Domestic and Commercial
  • 24/7, 365 days a year

We provide locksmith services for Commercial and Residential

Commercial and residential locksmith Kingweston
Commercial and residential locksmith in Kingweston

Recent Locksmith Call-Outs in Kingweston

On the next paragraphs are feedback and instances of locksmith services we have done in Kingweston:

My keys are locked in the vehicle TA11:

"I was rushing to an appointment when I slammed the car door and sprinted down in the direction of the elevator," explained the customer from Kingweston. "It was only immediately after the office meeting I finally realised that I had locked my keys in the automobile, and I needed to attend yet another critical appointment in Somerset." It was lucky that one of our technicians was closeby and he was able to get the vehicle opened up, the keys reclaimed and a truly relieved client back on the road.

Locked out of the home Kingweston:

A customer in Kingweston contacted us with a horror case as she had popped to the car to retrieve something and the door closed after her. And yet, what made this a disasterous situation was she said "Help! I left my keys in the house and my baby is still in the house." Needless to say we shot there and fortunately the road traffic was in our favour. We managed to arrive inside a few minutes and had the house unlocked promptly. What we did learn soon after was that she called her little kitten "my baby".

Locked out of the house Kingweston:

Our customer in Kingweston had a good report to explain "Theholiday week end came with perfect weather conditions and away we went for our hiking getaway, it had been a terrific holiday weekend but regretfully we arrived home to see we had dropped the family house keys. After forty minutes of scouting the bottom line was we had lost these household keys. Thanks to your personnel for the fantastic service."

No combination code Kingweston:

"We have a dead latch locking mechanism as well as a combination number lock which we do not ever use, and one of our office personnel decided they would make use of the code for whatever unknown reason, not conscious we didn't know the code. And so the moment everyone came to work the following morning we were locked out. Thanks for your quick reaction and for unlocking the office," was a message we received from a commercial customer in Kingweston.