Mobile Emergency Locksmith in Foddington, Somerset

Locked the keys in the car? Lost house keys? Locked out?

If you’re locked out of your house in the middle of the night, locked out of your vehicle stranded somewhere nowhere, or possibly even locked out of your business premises, we provide you with a rapid, trusted service. Our emergency call-out team provides outstanding repairs and locksmith services for automobiles and homes, and also opening up safes, and preventive security solutions to put your thoughts at ease. Key-Cut Locksmiths deliver qualified and economical 24 hrs urgent locksmith assistance in Foddington, all at the most affordable prices.

We comprehend that emergency locksmith instances can be really frustrating, time consuming and often have you, your family members, personnel and assets in peril. A quick, qualified and efficient solution is what we give you in these kinds of unwelcome instances. We supply you with a 24hr Somerset locksmith service and our regional emergency locksmith will be with you in under a half hour for your peace of mind.

  • Safe Opening
  • Emergency entry
  • Key Cutting
  • All kinds of locks furnished and fitted
  • Usual response time of merely one hour
  • No cost quote

We provide locksmith services for Commercial and Residential

Home locksmith Foddington
Home locksmith in Foddington

Recent Locksmith Call-Outs in Foddington

Locked out of my car TA11:

Not too long ago I was speaking to a friend down in Foddington and he asked me, "How often do you receive phone calls on the subject of keys locked in my automobile?" I assured him that it occurs a lot more often than one imagines. A client from Foddington phoned us and she had this to say, "I'm just really glad you guys were near seeing as I had locked my car keys in our automobile, and I had the idea my only option to get my keys was hurling a brick through the windscreen, which will surely have relieved part of the irritation of locking the keys in the automobile. Thankfully your expert was fast and competent and he saved my windscreen."

Locked out of the house Foddington:

"I decided I'd personally carry out a bit of mid-day weeding," we were told by our ageing customer in Foddington, "so I grabbed my gardening gloves and wandered in to my back garden through the back door. I didn't even think of locking it open and, while I was at the bottom of the yard, a breeze must've slammed the door to. My goodness, I got an enormous fright. I'd forgotten the house keys within the house" Fortunately she had brought her mobile phone on her and called her son, who in turn called us.

Locked out of the property Foddington:

"I absolutely love going horseback riding on the weekend and this past Sunday was the usual, except the instant I got back to the doorstep of my house I discovered I had lost my house key while on the trail. I looked for an emergency locksmith and it was great that you came out so fast" explained a client in Foddington.

Burgled Keys Foddington:

"I don't know where it occurred, but I am sure someone stole my keys out of my handbag. While I was at the shops I could have left my bag unwatched. I was shocked when I returned to the car and the keys were not in my bag. Thanks so much for your help in getting our locks switched" was the happy letter from a client in Foddington.