Mobile Emergency Locksmith in Clatworthy, Somerset

Locked the keys in the car? Lost house keys? Locked out?

In the event that you need to upgrade your house lock, install a new lock, or get in to your car, we have locksmiths in Clatworthy and Somerset. We install and supply the highest quality security locks. Call us and we will have someone come to help you. Key-Cut Locksmiths provide a genuine Clatworthy locksmith service specialising in speedy emergency response to your family home or company in Clatworthy, Somerset and adjoining regions.

Key-Cut Locksmiths provide reliable and econimical around the clock local emergency locksmith service in Somerset. We embrace a customer-first approach by adapting our solutions to your distinct specifications. We only make use of knowledgeable emergency locksmith technicians who aim towards achieving high grade standards in their work.

We follow a transparent, fair pricing system in an attempt to deliver good value to our customers.

  • Locked out – Open up a house or office
  • Damaged or lost keys
  • Key Cutting
  • Insurance protection appraisal
  • Residential and Commercial
  • UPVC Door Maintenance

We provide locksmith services for Commercial and Residential

Key repair and replacement Clatworthy
Key repair and replacement in Clatworthy

Recent Locksmith Call-Outs in Clatworthy

I locked the car keys in my vehicle TA4:

"It was as sad as locking my keys in my car, I actually locked them in the boot. It was so stupid. I was stuffing the groceries in the car and slammed it not having noticing I had left the keys within while unpacking. I got in touch with you since I had heard you were great," was the short review from one of our many extremely pleased clients in Clatworthy. It is an easy move to make any time you are in a rush, particularly when you hold the keys in your hand right after opening the boot. Luckily we opened the boot and managed to recover the keys.

I have lost my house keys Clatworthy:

The client in Clatworthy phoned us with a horror scenario as she had only popped to the car to procure her bag and the door locked behind her. And yet, what made this a whole lot worse was that she said "Please help me! I have left my house keys in the house and my baby is in the house." As you can imagine we sped over there and happily the road traffic was in our favour. We managed to arrive there within 15 mins and had the door opened quickly. What we did find out afterwards is that she labelled her tiny puppy "my baby".

Dropped the house key Clatworthy:

"I got the little ones over for the weekend We decided to go for just a stroll by the beach. A enjoyable time appeared to be had by the kids and we went off to the house and the moment we arrived at the house doorway I became aware I did not have the house keys. I knew I lost the keys on the seashore, with your prompt support you opened the house very quickly" was the response coming from the client.

Stolen Keys Clatworthy:

"I really don't know just where it happened, however I believe that somebody sadly stole our house keys out of my handbag. Whilst I was in the supermarket I could have put it down for a moment. And you can picture the shock the instant I got back to my car and my keys were nowhere to be found. Thanks a great deal for your service in swiftly getting my predicament sorted out and our locks swapped" was the grateful email from our customer over in Clatworthy.