Mobile Emergency Locksmith in Catcott, Somerset

Locked the keys in the car? Lost house keys? Locked out?

Locked yourself out? Fairly recently endured a robbery or an attempted burglary? Can't find your house keys or had a backpack stolen? Electric locks, key locks or safes not openning? Require a swift lock service or replacement unit, even in the night? We are a professional locksmith service in Catcott and provide you with 24 hours emergency call-outs. Having many years of support we are reputable, trustworthy and commended by our clientele.

We realise that emergency call-out locksmith circumstances can be quite frustrating, time-consuming and quite often leave you, your family, staff and investments at an increased risk. A fast, competent and effective solution is exactly what we offer you in such unpleasant predicaments. We offer you a 24hr Somerset locksmith service and our regional emergency call-out locksmith will be on scene in as little as 30 minutes for your peace of mind.

  • Safe Opening
  • Get into a locked automobile (vehicle locksmith)
  • Mend ruined locks
  • Professional damageless entry
  • Usual response time of 1 hour
  • Properly Insured for your satisfaction

We provide locksmith services for Commercial and Residential

Locksmith services Catcott
Locksmith services in Catcott

Recent Locksmith Call-Outs in Catcott

Some reviews:

I locked the car keys in our car TA7:

We got a phone call one afternoon from a movie theatre in Catcott. The customer was very happy he stumbled upon us because we turned out to be the 3rd emergency locksmith business he had telephoned, the other two wouldn't to help. Our client had gone out for a meal and a movie with his missus as it was their anniversary. Regrettably it was as they walked out the pub he noticed he had dropped his car keys. He stated, "We ran back inside the building and looked the place where we were sitting; yet no car keys in view. I consequently had an idea to search in our vehicle and what do you know, they were there, in the ignition, yet the car had locked itself." Our locksmith was on scene quickly and a short time later had the work completed and the door open. The delighted couple were quickly on the road again.

I have forgotten the house keys Catcott:

"I decided I'd personally undertake a bit of morning weeding," we were told by our elderly customer from Catcott, "consequently I donned my gardening gloves and wandered to the garden using the back entrance. I did not even think about propping it open and, while I was outside, a gust of wind must have blown the door shut. Oh my word, I got such a fright. I'd forgotten my keys inside" Thank goodness she had taken her telephone and rang her son, who consequently phoned us.

Locked out of the house Catcott:

Our client in Catcott had a good tale to explain "The week end got here with wonderful climatic conditions and off we travelled for our hiking vacation, it was a very good weekend but sadly we landed home to learn we had lost the household keys. After thirty minutes of searching the realization was we had lost the house keys. Thanks a lot to your personnel for the terrific support."

Stolen Keys Catcott:

"I haven't any clue exactly where it happened, however I think that someone took our keys from my handbag. When inside the mall I may have left it unwatched. But you can imagine the surprise the second I got to our car and the keys were not in my purse. Thank you a whole lot for your service in rapidly getting my issue resolved and my locks swapped out" was the thankful letter from our customer in Catcott.