Mobile Emergency Locksmith in Cannington, Somerset

Locked the keys in the car? Lost house keys? Locked out?

Lost keys? Recently endured a robbery or an attempted robbery? Misplaced your keys or had a backpack stolen? Digital or key locks or safes can't be opened? Have to have a fast lock fix or replacement, even during the night? Key-Cut Locksmiths offer professional and economical 24 hr urgent locksmith solutions in Cannington, all at the best prices.

We acknowledge that emergency call-out locksmith circumstances can be really frustrating, time consuming and often leave you, your family, staff members and possessions at risk. A fast, proficient and effective response is the service we provide you with in these types of uninvited cases. We supply you with a 24hr Somerset locksmith service and our local emergency call-out locksmith could well be on scene in about 30 minutes for your reassurance.

People normally do not invest in protection right until they are a casualty of a break-in - Don’t become a statistic - be well prepared and get in touch with us right away.

  • Safe Opening
  • Misplaced keys
  • Fix ruined or faulty locks
  • Quick, Efficient Service
  • British Standard approved locks
  • No-cost quote

We provide locksmith services for Commercial and Residential

Replacement locks and keys Cannington
Replacement locks and keys in Cannington

Recent Locksmith Call-Outs in Cannington

Several examples:

Locked out of my automobile TA5:

"Not quite as bad as losing my keys in the vehicle, I essentially closed them in the boot. It was extremely stupid. I was loading the groceries in the car and closed it without recognising I had dropped the keys within. I contacted Key-Cut Locksmiths simply because I had heard you were great guys," was the statement from one of numerous very happy customers in Cannington. It is an easy thing to do if you are in a hurry, particularly when you hold the keys in your hand when opening the boot. Fortunately we got the boot open and were able to get access to the keys.

Misplaced residential keys Cannington:

"I was only just stepping out to retrieve something from the car and my little one closed the front door after him as he shadowed me. I knew right away that we had unluckily left the house keys in the house," a customer from Cannington said to us. Again we had a thrilled customer seeing as we were able to get a technician on scene in a couple of minutes and in another 5 minutes she was in the house with keys at hand.

Locked out of the house Cannington:

Going on a vacation overseas is usually fun, yet if you lose your house keys miles out there in a foreign country it makes it a nightmare, as a recent client realized last week. He phoned from Cannington and explained, "I am standing at the front entrance and I have misplaced my keys somewhere in a different country. You need to dispatch your stand-by locksmith over as soon as possible" We managed to do that very easily and he promptly got the house opened and brand-new keys cut.

Broken keys Cannington:

"I left the store with shopping sacks in my hand. I struggled to set the key in the lock to open it and then the car key broke. I am very delighted that I got hold of you straight away and your prompt call out ensured I just had a moment hanging around the parking," was a phone call we received from our client in Cannington. Although broken car keys isn't actually a very common concern, it can be pretty annoying if it comes up and we specialise in it.