Mobile Emergency Locksmith in Alford, Somerset

Locked the keys in the car? Lost house keys? Locked out?

Possibly you may have lost your car keys within of the car, or you may have had your purse taken with the keys within, or they have been lost somewhere in the throngs of people and the chaos of Alford? Whatever the upsetting scenario, keys tend to be very easy to lose, but never easy to replace; except if you call us. Whichever your lock trouble we surely have the best solution. We fix all kinds of locking mechanism issues in Alford 365 days a year. From urgent door opening to the installation of high quality security locks. We have it covered.

Key-Cut Locksmiths offer you a fast and cost-effective solution to all urgent locksmith phone calls in Somerset. We'll almost always have a free technician close to you to help you with your lock predicament. We provide a 'round the clock local emergency locksmith solution and our promise is to be there to correct it in less than a half hour from taking your call. We will never keep you waiting around and we will strive to offer you the optimum resolution to your difficulty.

  • Car Key cutting or programming
  • Access a locked automobile (vehicle locksmith)
  • Break-in Repair and locking down a property or home after a break-in
  • All types of locks provided and fitted
  • Residential and Commercial
  • UPVC Door Repairs

We provide locksmith services for Commercial and Residential

Mobile locksmith services Alford
Mobile locksmith services in Alford

Recent Locksmith Call-Outs in Alford

Here are feed-back and good examples of locksmith services we have completed in Alford:

Emergency Mobile Locksmith was required BA7:

"I was hurrying to an appointment as I slammed the car door and sprinted toward the lifts," exclaimed the client from Alford. "It was not until soon after the meeting that I finally discovered I had lost my car keys in the car, and I had another crucial meeting in Somerset." It was lucky that we had one of our men in the area and consequently he quickly got the vehicle opened, the keys recovered and a particularly happy client back on the road.

I locked our house keys inside my house Alford:

The client in Alford telephoned us with a dreadful scenario as she had only stepped outside to retrieve an item and the door had shut behind her. But, what made this a potential horror situation was that she explained "Please help! I have locked my keys in the house and my baby is still inside." Of course we sped over there and thankfully the road traffic wasn't too heavy. We were able to arrive there within fifteen minutes and had the door opened in short order. What we did discover soon after was that she designated her little dog "my baby".

Can not find our keys Alford:

"I enjoyed the little ones around for the week end We chose to head to have a stroll to the beachfront. A wonderful day appeared to be had by the kids and we went off to the house and the moment we got to the home entrance I became aware I did not have the house keys. I knew I lost the keys around the beach front, with your incredible timely services you unlocked my residence quickly" was the message coming from our customer.

Locked out of the workplace Alford:

"Our office has a dead latch lock and a combination number lock which we do not ever lock, and one of our staff thought they would use the code to shut the office, not realising that we did not have the number. Because of this the moment we all arrived at work the following day we were all locked out. Many thanks for your timely call-out and getting us in to the office," was a letter we got from a client in Alford.