Mobile Emergency Locksmith in Weldon, Northamptonshire

Locked the keys in the car? Lost house keys? Locked out?

Maybe you’ve locked your keys inside the vehicle, or you’ve had your purse lost with the keys within, or they have got lost within the crowds and the chaos of Weldon? Whatever the upsetting situation, car and house keys can be quite easy to misplace, and not always simple to replace; unless you give us a call. We are a specialist locksmith service in Weldon and offer you 24/7 urgent services. Having years and years of assistance we are reputable, trusted and endorsed by our customers.

In case of missing keys, worn out keys, entry doors or locks damaged by attempted break-in, or even your key or passcode not opening your safe, our 'round the clock neighbourhood emergency locksmith solution in Northamptonshire makes sure there is invariably assistance the moment you need to have it.

We perform a no hidden fees, sincere pricing strategy in an attempt to provide superior value for all our customers.

  • Motor vehicle Key cutting and/or coding
  • Stolen keys
  • Break-in Repair and safe guarding a residence following a burglary
  • All varieties of locks provided and installed
  • Usual answer time of just one hour
  • Fully Insured for your security

We provide locksmith services for Commercial and Residential

Locksmith solutions Weldon
Locksmith solutions in Weldon

Recent Locksmith Call-Outs in Weldon

Missing vehicle keys NN17:

"It was as horrific as losing the car keys in the vehicle, I essentially closed them in the boot. It was absolutely stupid. I was packing the groceries in the boot and shut it without realising I had put the keys down in it while unpacking. I phoned you as I had heard you were outstanding guys," is the provide feedback from one of the many more than happy customers in Weldon. It is a pretty easy thing to do when you're on the go, particularly if you hold the car keys in your hands when unlocking the boot. Fortuitously we got the boot open and were able to get access to the keys.

I locked our house key inside Weldon:

This was possibly on the list of more common situations that we hear from customers who have a latch lock on their front doors: someone from Weldon telephoned us very early one a.m., "I determined to go outside for an early morning run and, the moment that I shut the door, I remembered that I had foolishly closed the keys indoors. Thank goodness I normally take my mobile phone almost everywhere I go and so I was able to call you. Thank you for being so prompt."

Locked out of the house Weldon:

"I enjoyed the little ones over for the week end We opted to go on a walk to the seashore. A fun afternoon appeared to be had by the kids and we went off home and as soon as we got to the front door I realized that I didn't have the house keys. I knew I lost my keys along the beach front, with your incredible immediate support you unlocked the house in no time" was the response coming from this client.

Damaged keys Weldon:

"I walked out of the shops with many grocery bags in my hand. I had trouble to place my key in the lock to unlock it and as a result the car key broke. I am incredibly happy I could get hold of you right away and your immediate call out ensured I only had to waste a short time hanging around in the car park," was a call we received from a customer in Weldon. Though broken vehicle keys is not actually a particularly commonplace concern, it is often annoying if it happens and we are experts in it to keep waiting times down.