Mobile Emergency Locksmith in Boughton, Northamptonshire

Locked the keys in the car? Lost house keys? Locked out?

If you are locked out of your property during the night, locked out of your automobile stuck nowhere, or even locked out of your commercial building, we offer a rapid, trustworthy service. Our crisis response crew provides you with high quality repairs and key services for cars and homes, and also opening safes, and preventive security tools to put your concerns at rest. Regardless of what your locking mechanism trouble we have the answer. We fix all kinds of locking mechanism troubles in Boughton day in and day out. From urgent door opening to the fitting of top quality safety locks. We can help.

Misplaced keys? Been broken into? Do not leave your automobile or house at risk - contact us on 0800 145 5019 - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in Northamptonshire. Our local emergency call-out locksmith response features a typical responding time of only one hour, so you may assure your safety and security without being forced to inconvenience yourself.

Speedy and also very competitive locksmith service - Damageless entry wherever possible.

  • Safe Opening
  • Emergency entry
  • Burglary Repairs and safe guarding a building following a theft
  • Specialist damageless entry
  • Domestic and Commercial
  • Fully Insured for your security

We provide locksmith services for Commercial and Residential

New and repaired keys Boughton
New and repaired keys in Boughton

Recent Locksmith Call-Outs in Boughton

Locked out of my vehicle NN2:

I was talking to a pal in Boughton and he wanted to know, "How often do you have calls regarding car keys locked in my automobile?" and I told him that it appears much more often than one thinks. Someone from Boughton phoned us to say, "I'm just so glad that you people are available seeing that I locked my car keys in my vehicle, and I had decided the only way I could get to the keys is throwing a brick through the window, which could possibly have eased most of the frustration of locking my keys in the car. However your expert was fast and efficient and he saved my windscreen."

I locked our house key inside Boughton:

"I generally make sure that I have the door keys long before leaving the house, yet I received a call from my ailing parents and hurried out. And what happens? I left my house keys inside" this client blurted out on the phone, clearly exasperated things not really progressing so well. "We can help out" we reassured her and sent a locksmith to the property immediately and got the door open and the keys into her hands.

Not able to find our front door keys Boughton:

A client in Boughton had quite a tale to tell "The long weekend break came with ideal climatic conditions and away we travelled for our camping outdoors vacation, it was basically a fantastic weekend but unfortunately we arrived home to learn we had misplaced the family home keys. Shortly after twenty minutes of searching the end result was we had lost those household keys. Thank you to your employees for the good service."

Missing combination codes Boughton:

"In our office we have a dead bolt locking mechanism and a combination lock that we never ever lock, and one of our office personnel thought they would start using the code mechanism to lock the front door, not realising that we did not have the combination. Consequently the moment all of us showed up at work the succeeding morning we were locked out. Many thanks for your immediate reaction and getting us all into the office," was a call we got from a client in Boughton.