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Locked the keys in the car? Lost house keys? Locked out?

Lost keys? Recently endured a burglary or an attempted robbery? Lost your house keys or had a handbag stolen? Electric locks, key locks or safes not openning? Need a quick lock repair or replacement, possibly during the night? Key-Cut Locksmith - Offering emergency locksmith service, lock fixing, lock change, cracking window and entrance locks in Trimdon Colliery. We provide and fit every type of locks.

Key-Cut Locksmiths provide you with trustworthy and quick 24/7 local emergency locksmith response in County Durham for your own advantage. We adopt a customer-focused methodology by tailoring our services to your precise specifications. We solely consult with qualified local emergency locksmith technicians who demonstrate attaining premium quality standards in their projects.

Many people commonly don’t think about security up to the point they end up a target of burglary - Refuse to end up being a casualty - be well prepared and call us right away.

  • Safe Opening
  • Access a locked vehicle (automobile locksmith)
  • Safety and security checks
  • Expert damageless entry
  • Residential and Commercial
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We provide locksmith services for Commercial and Residential

New house keys Trimdon Colliery
New house keys in Trimdon Colliery

Recent Locksmith Call-Outs in Trimdon Colliery

I locked the key in our vehicle TS29:

I was speaking to someone down in Trimdon Colliery and he asked me, "How frequently do you get enquiries about keys locked in my vehicle?" and I told him it happens a great deal more often than you think. A person from Trimdon Colliery called us and she had this to tell us, "We are certainly happy that you folks were around seeing that I had locked my keys in our automobile, and I had decided my only option to access the keys is hurling a stone through the windshield, which could have eased a part of the stress of locking my keys in the car. But your specialist was quick and capable and he saved my window."

Locked out of the property Trimdon Colliery:

A customer in Trimdon Colliery telephoned us with a chilling story - she had only just popped in the garden to get her bag and the front door shut behind her. And yet, what makes this a potential disasterous case was she announced "Help! I do not have my door keys and my baby is still in the house." Needless to say we sped over there and luckily the traffic was light. We managed to get there inside fifteen minutes and had the door unlocked in short order. We discovered soon after is that she dubbed her cat "my baby".

Can't track down the house keys Trimdon Colliery:

Going on a trip abroad is generally enjoyable, yet when you lose your residence keys far away from you in a foreign country it may make it a nightmare, as a client found out last month. He phoned us out of Trimdon Colliery and explained, "I'm just standing at the front doorway and I have misplaced my keys somewhere in another country. Be sure to send your stand-by locksmith over urgently" We were able to do that pretty quickly and he rapidly got the house opened and brand new keys cut.

Locked out of the business Trimdon Colliery:

"We have a dead latch along with a code lock (which we never use), and one of our office personnel made a decision to lock the combination mechanism, not knowing that we did not have the code. As a result the moment all of us came to the office the succeeding morning we were locked out. Thanks a lot for your prompt call out and unlocking the office," was a call we got from a commercial client in Trimdon Colliery.